Arsenala s Arsene Wenger said that he was hoping to find another player in the team who can score 10 to 15 goals to help Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez as well as the team.

Arsene was in praise of various players that have performed well in the last few months, highlighting the fact that having the players for the full duration of the season would have a huge impact on the teama s position vis- -vis Chelsea.

a Giroud has surprised a lot of people,a Arsene said. a It shows we missed him when he was out for four months. Laurent Koscielny was out for four months too. Mesut zil the same. They were all out together. You can see the difference.

a I expected Aaron Ramsey to be in there as well with 10 or 15,a Arsene continued. a We need another player who gets 10 or 15 goals but we have a good mentality and good cohesion in the team.

a There is something happening. You can see that, you cana t cheat on that, people smell that.

a It of course is a good basis, and defensively we are getting better.a

Despite the fact that Arsenal have been scoring goals on a regular basis and winning games, they seem to depending one player to shoulder the bulk of their goal scoring requirement. Granted Arsenal are one of the rare teams this season who have had multiple goalscorers, but there are two standouts that show why Arsenal has become reliant on a single player.

Throughout the time Giroud has been injured, Alexis Sanchez dragged the Arsenal team single handedly, and fans and pundits hailed Arsene Wengera s new signing for settling into the league quickly. But as predicted, the lack of a winter break was more than just a culture shock as the excessive football seemed to have taken its toll as he picked up an injury.

At about the same time, Giroud returned from his own injury worries to start banging in the goals too. As a result, both players are racing each other in the quest to become Arsenala s top goal scoring player. However, like Wenger said, another player who could chip in with 10 to 15 goals would have made a world of difference to Arsenala s title challenge this season, and Aaron Ramsey or Danny Welbeck seem to be the best candidates for that to happen. Theo Walcott would also have been part of the argument, but his contract situation means that his future at Arsenal is not yet secure. Who will step up to the challenge is the million dollar question.