Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger said that he wanted to avoid another accident and reiterated that they were not in transfer mode.

In his press conference before the game against Swansea, a For me the Swansea game was an accident,a Wenger said. a Having analysed it, ita s one of the games we deserved to win the most of all the games. We lost two in two or three years now, so you can say thata s an accident.

a Sunderland need a point to be safe so I expect them to be well organised defensively, sound at the back, and to try to use all the counter-attacks they can, all the set-pieces they have, to score goals. We have to put a high rhythm into this game and play with a high level of energy to win the game.a

Talking about about the opposition, “Sunderland, for a few years now, have struggled until five, six games before the end,a said Wenger. a First Paolo di Canio saved them, then Gus Poyet saved them, and now Advocaat saved them, so always they just find the final resources to get out of relegation.

a Advocaat has used his vast experience to give them confidence again, and to get them to play. I think as well, players certainly questioned themselves and respond always with a few games to go.a

When asked repeatedly about Raheem Sterling, Arsene said, “At the moment we are not in a transfer mode. We want to finish our season well. We have put massive effort in since the start of the season to come back into a potentially good position in the Premier League, and now we need to focus on finishing well. We have put so much effort in that it would be stupid not to finish the job well. The transfer period comes after the FA Cup final. “