Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said that to have the kind of winning run the team is having at the moment, everything needs to click.

In this press conference before the FA Cup semifinal against Reading at Wembley, Arsene said, a If you look in Europe, there are only three teams that have won eight games on the trot,a the manager said.

a That means ita s not easy and that everything needs to click at the right moment, and that the confidence level needs to be there.

a [You also need] personnel available, to know each other better and have a better balance in your team between attacking and defending.

a Ita s a luxury to have a good run because it doesna t question one important thing in our job, the confidence of the team. But on the other hand as well, you need to keep the urgency level and the desire and the hunger at a very high level to continue it.a

Arsene Wenger also talked about the importance of Theo Walcott, saying he will have a great scoring record.

“I believe that Theo has a great future,” said Arsene.

“He is just coming back from a very, very difficult injury. Every week he is getting better, he is very young and I believe he will have a great goalscoring record in the future because of the quality and intelligence of his game, and therefore I would like him to stay with our club.”

Arsene also confirmed that he wanted senior players Mikel Arteta and Tomas Rosicky to stay at Arsenal. He said, “Yes, I think they will be here next season. Wea ll sort that out at the end of May,” he said.

However, he was disinclined to discuss possible summer transfers.

“I cannot give you any names because at the moment we are focused on achieving our targets until the end of the season,” he said.

“Every game is vital now and we just want to focus on our games. We have a massive squad, we have a big, big squad, we have 24 players at the moment and we have players like Podolski, Sanogo and Joel Campbell out on loan.

“So for us it will first be important to prepare well and get the right dimension of the squad and if needed to add what we can add.”