Arsenala s Arsene Wenger said that English players have more trouble settling at the club than the foreign players.

Arsene said that when English players move from small clubs to big clubs like Arsenal, the pressure is a lot more than what it would be for foreign players, as it would have been a dream come true.

Arsene said, a English players could have more of a problem when they come from a smaller club to this club because of how big the pressure is. Theya ve fulfilled a dream because most of the time players want to come to a big club in England, and they could be under much more pressure than theya re used to.

a It could take them some time to express themselves with freedom so they can display their talent. They go from being regular players at another club to having their position threatened and that they have to face competition from inside that they were not used to. That, of course, can be destabilising as well.a

Ita s quite possibly the reason that Arsene looks more at foreign stars to sign for the club rather than English players. In fact, there was a time when Arsenal had one or even no English player in their team for many games.

Further Arsene talked about what he looked at when he was deciding on signing a foreign players.

Arsene said, a First of all you have to look at the level of education of the player because they have to learn the language.a

a You have to look at their familya s history and whether theya ve ever moved somewhere else, the culture and where the playera s grown up.

a You hear that he doesna t like to leave home, things like that. I believe ita s very important because not everybody is exportable without being negative.

a Ita s not necessarily a quality to go to a different country because the target in life is to be happy and some people are happier when they are in their own environment.

a Some people have that desire to discover other cultures, other places and people, and they will be more happy, so you have to analyse that.a

So the next time fans have suggestions for the manager on whom he should sign, they should probably look at more than just on field performances. Arsene has already been known to rely on psychological traits along with talent when deciding to sign players, and this kind of confirms the theory.