Arsenal and Liverpool fan groups are set to stage protests for the first 10 minutes of the game between the two teams on Saturday in view of the high ticket prices.

High ticket prices have been a constant gripe for Arsenal fans for some time now, and it is understandable since they pay one of the highest season ticket rates as well as individual match tickets. Every time the Arsenal decide to increase the prices, there is always a hue and cry, with fans being priced out of games as watching a football game is no longer economically feasible.

Taking this into account, a few of the fan groups have decided to stage a protest before the game, with Liverpool fan groups also joining them.

The Gooner gave these details:

a We at The Gooner urge all Arsenal fans who believe the club is charging too high a price to watch the team to join supporters of both sides at 12 noon at the roundabout.

The two Liverpool fansa organizations will also boycott the first ten minutes of the match, with a protest outside the away entrance and any Arsenal fans wishing to express their solidarity are welcome to join in. This is a good opportunity for the a priced outa Arsenal fans that come to the area to watch the game in a local pub to have some impact, as the press will be covering both the 12 noon meeting at the roundabout and the stay out protest at the away section turnstiles.

So if you believe the price of watching football is too high, now is the chance for you to join with like-minded souls and make a stand.a

The Arsenal groups that are involved in this protest are The AST, the Black Scarf Movement and REDaction, while the Liverpool groups that are doing the 10 minute protest are Spirit of Shankly and Spion Kop 1906.

While the chances of the protests having any real impact are very low, these have become a frequent occurrence and may yet be worrisome for the board. But as long as the fans keep coming to the stadium and the numbers are healthy, it is highly unlikely that the Board would ever consider reducing the prices.

The only way fans can really hope to make a difference is when they stop going to matches in large numbers, hurting the club on a very real financial level. Only then would there be any changes, else Arsenal will continue doing the same every year.