Arsenal had a very comfortable game against Stoke at the Emirates Stadium, and they picked up all 3 points, something that would be looked at as much needed by all the fans of the gunners. While the game may have been easy for the team from North London, there were a few things that actually contributed towards it.

Alexis Sanchez

What can be said about this man that has not already been written about? After switching from Barcelona to Arsenal, he has had the kind of impactful season that one would hope from a big money signing. Of course, there is always a concern that if he continues playing in every game he may get injured, but he is in the kind of form where you dona t drop a player. Also, with the highly inconsistent half season that Arsenal has had so far, they cannot afford to rest their one player who is playing game in, game out at such top form.

However, the intensity with which he plays each game could well mean that there will be a breakdown sooner than later. Being used to a slower league and a winter break, the fast pace of the English Premier league could be too much for him to handle if he is not given a proper rest. The last thing Arsenal need is for their star player to be out injured for any length of time.

Arsenal and injuries

When Arsenal fans saw Mathieu Debuchy lying near the advertisement hoarding and not moving much, they all expected the worst. And when he was stretchered, not even one of them would have blinked. After all, if there is no injury list, how would it be Arsenal?

Just when it seemed Arsenala s injury troubles for the season were coming to an end, Debuchy seemed to have made it back into the treatment again. Of course, Hector Bellerin was more than an able performer as his replacement, but then again, hea s still young and you wouldna t want to throw them in important games. Like the one Arsenal are going to play next week, against Manchester City.

But it looks like Arsene wona t have a choice. Unless there are some really favourable reports, Debuchy could be out for at least a month, and if his shoulder needs surgery, then his season could effectively be over.

Even though Arsene Wenger has said hea s in the market for another defender, it is extremely unlikely that any good signing will happen. Unless Arsene finds a long term target that is willing to move in January, the likelihood of any signing happening is nil.

So Arsenal fans will have to brace themselves for another rocky showing from their defence as players get tired, get no rest, and so get injured or make mistakes. Sometimes, both.

Stoke Not On Trent

It seems like Stoke City have a real problem when it comes to facing Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. Like one commentator pointed out, only Peter Crouch in the entire Stoke team was even born when the last time the Potters beat the Gunners at their own home. All their visits to the Emirates Stadium have ended in defeat, and the story continued this time too.

What is more fascinating is that not just a month ago, Stoke had the beating of Arsenal, racing off to a 3-0 lead, before being pegged back by 2 goals. But the fact remains, they did get the 3 points. However, yesterday there was no sign of that gutsy Stoke City side, and they were a pale imitation. Not the lions in their den, more like cats on a hot tin roof.

Even Mark Hughes has had a bad experience whenever it has come to managing a team against Arsenal at their home ground. Hea s brought 5 different teams here, and not once was he able to go back with 3 points. Thata s a statistic that you would not want to be trotted out every time you have to face them. It is kind of like Arsene Wenger never being able to win against Jose Mourinho side. It grates on you, and you would definitely want to get it off your back. However, it was not be for Hughes and hea ll wait for another time before he can get a win at the Emirates.