Speaking shortly after scripting yet another record at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo asked if there were any more records for him to break while refusing to commit his future at the Spanish capital.

While Ronaldoa s goal-scoring prowess cannot be doubted, there is some confusion regarding the actual number of goals that the Portuguese superstar has scored during his stay at Real Madrid. According to the official statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 323 goals for the Whites (tied with Raul) while Real Madrid believe that the Portuguese superstar has scored 324 as one of his goals against Real Sociedad was credited to Pepe during the 2010-11 season.

Are there any more (records)?

When quizzed regarding his next record, Cristiano Ronaldo asked the reporter if there were any more records left for him to break. As reported by AS, the Portuguese superstar also expressed his irritation after a reporter brought up the Kevin Roldan- Gerard Pique incident during the post match interview.

a Do you know why I dona t bother talking? Are you intelligent? To do your job you have to be intelligent. I wona t talk any more because the questions are not good ones. Youa re talking to me about things from five months ago. Why dona t you ask me about what the team is doing well, why do you want to get me into a tangle with Piqu What does it matter to me?a

Cristiano Ronaldo also added to the speculation surrounding his future at Real Madrid after saying that he wasna t sure as to whether he would end his career at the Spanish capital.

a My future is at Madrid. Ia m happy here. I want to win things here I feel good. But as I have said a million times nobody can see into the future. Wea ll see what happens.

a I have a great relationship with everybody, the president, the coaches, the kit mana I get on well with everyone because Ia m a professional.a

"My future is at Madrid. Ia  m happy here."

“My future is at Madrid. Ia m happy here.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has been continuously linked with a move away from Real Madrid, with Manchester United and PSG being tipped to be the likely destination. His former club took to Twitter to congratulate him on scoring his 500th goal while reminding him that 118 of those came in the red jersey for Manchester United.

Here is the video of that controversial goal which was credited to Pepe while Real Madrid continue to attribute it to Cristiano Ronaldo.