The Italian revealed he turned down the chance to return to Milan following his Real Madrid spell, claiming his time in the Spanish capital was ‘draining’ and he left him with no energy


Carlo Ancelotti has been linked with the Liverpool FC job in the past couple of weeks, but it now looks as though the Italian will seek employment in the summer, with JA?rgen Klopp edging closer and closer to the Anfield hot-seat.

The former Chelsea FC manager revealed in a recent interview that he was approached by his previous employers AC Milan after his time at Real Madrid, but felt too drained following his time in Spain to accept the position.

Ancelotti reveals he turned down AC Milan offer

The 56-year-old revealed he turned down the Serie A giants after getting sacked following a trophyless season at Real Madrid. In an interview with Corriere della Sera (via Football Italia), Ancelotti said:

“When he learned I wouldna t be staying in Madrid [at Real], Galliani game to test the waters. He showed me all his affection, but I told him right away: a no thanksa . We spent some nice days together, Galliani is nice, and hea s intelligent but after two years at Real I had no energy.

“Real is very draining. We didna t even talk about money. That said, if it had been another time I would have come back.”

The Italian insisted he had no bitterness following his sacking by the Spanish giants. “The goodbye was because I didna t win the League or the Champions League. Thata s the philosophy of Real, and thata s why I left,” Ancelotti explained.

“Winning La Decima just gave me the job for another year. Ia ve always had a respectful relationship with [President] Florentino Perez, as with all my Presidents. When I signed for Real, I knew that if I didna t win Ia d be let go. I could have lasted a month, a year, three years or five years.

“Real is like that.”

Possible destinations for Ancelotti in the summer

Liverpool FC never quite felt like the right fit for the Italian, and in all likelihood, the Serie A will be his next destination. Given AC Milan’s current predicament under SiniA?a Mihajlovi , it is not out of the question that Ancelotti will make that move in the summer.


Real Madrid and Chelsea FC do not not seem like realistic possibilities, and the bigger clubs in Spain and England do not necessarily match his profile either. Manchester City seem intent on signing Pep Guardiola, while Manchester United will likely continue with Louis van Gaal for another season.

Arsenal FC have been under the same manager for nearly two decades now, and it will be ArsA?ne Wenger who will decide whether that job will be available this summer. FC Barcelona could be without a coach too, although it is highly unlikely that Ancelotti will make that move after managing Real Madrid.

All indications are that the Italian will return to his homeland in the summer.