Real Madrid skipper Iker Casillas has taken a swipe at former manager Jose Mourinho by claiming that Carlo Ancelotti is a better coach than the current Chelsea boss.

Iker Casillas suffered a long term injury in 2012 and then Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho signed Diego Lopez as a temporary replacement of his skipper in January transfer window of 2013.

Jose Mourinho opted to continue with Lopez even after the return of Casillas from injury and that controversy had a negative impact on their relationship. Jose Mourinho was forced to leave Real Madrid in 2013 and now, Iker Casillas has targeted his former boss by claiming that Ancelotti is a better trainer than Jose Mourinho.

“Ancelotti is better than Mourinho,a said Casillas. He was speaking to Spanish publication Marca.

a With Mourinho, I had a love-hate relationship. In his time here I did not speak of him when he was in my locker room, nor do I think that I have to talk now when he is already managing another team and Ia m with my team. It would be a bit self-seeking and little cowardly on my part”.

Casillas also said that in spite of his troubling relationship with Mourinho, he still wishes him a good luck. “Things go very well for him at Real Madrid.

In the time that he was at Real Madrid, he won titles and you have to give him thanks. If I cross paths with him tomorrow I am going to extend my hand, then it will be up to him if he shakes it. I think he would shake”.

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid skipper also said that despite of ongoing problems, eternal rivals FC Barcelona are not a in crisisa .

“I do not think that Barca are in crisis,” he said. “I don’t think so. Honestly from what I have seen and how it is right now, people are speaking more about things other than them.

“In La Liga, the Copa del Rey and the Champions League, I don’t think they are in crisis. They are a few points behind in the league, they haven’t been eliminated in the cup or the Champions League yet.

“They are alive in all three competitions and Real Madrid do not have a wide margin at the top of La Liga. It is tight.”