Despite the offer to return to the club where he made a name for himself, Carlo Ancelotti has chosen to take a break from football, following his contract termination at Real Madrid.

The Former Chelsea FC manager was even linked with Liverpool FC lately. Meanwhile, Real Madrid have confirmed Rafa Benitez as their new manager.

Though Ancelotti’s departure has infuriated a large part of Madrid’s fan base, his abrupt end is only symptomatic of where Madrid stand as a club. Despite winning the League up and their tenth Champions League title, Ancelotti’s removal should come as no surprise. Predecessors like Fabio Capello, Vincente Del Bosque and Jose Mourinho, have all brought either domestic or european success, but neither has brought both with consistency.

Despite his glittering CV of European titles and domestic cups, Ancelotti has only won a paltry 3 league titles with the five big names he has managed. His proficiency at analysing the continental competition, doesn’t always translate into domestic dominance.

However, having endured an exceedingly turbulent campaign at the helm of the Bernebau, perhaps it is most prudent for Ancelotti to take a break . Like Guardiola before him, Ancelotti could do well with a break and a detached perspective.

With many clubs vying for the services of the three-time Champions League winner, he released a statement, citing his own view

In an interview with Gazetta, the Italian claimed that he would be open to managing La Nazionale

a I would like to, But only when I lose the drive to Coach every day. Ia d like toa (pauses for thought). In Italy the story goes that we reach the World Cup Final every 12 years: we did so in 1970, a 82, a 94 and in 2006. If that continues then wea ll reach the final again in 2018, though I think [Antonio] Conte will still be in charge then. Then wea ve another story: we play the Final every 12 years but only win it every 24. We did it in 1982 and 2006 so, following that pattern, Italy will win it next in 2030. Ia ll be 71 then, so Ia ve still got timea “


Having managed at club level for such a long period, it seems only logical that the Italian would gravitate to managing the . Azzuri, however, that day might still be quite far away