Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick for Real Madrid as The Whites brought Sevillaa s 35-game unbeaten run at home to an abrupt end.

When Barcelona won 8-0 against Cordoba, they just added to the pressure Real Madrid were already in ahead of the game against Sevilla. However, a Los Blancosa did not succumb to the pressure and turned up the heat with a win over the Andalusians in their own backyard. Reala s victory brought Sevillaa s domination at home to an end as the fifth-placed side lost their first league game at home this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo put in a fine showing to go two goals ahead of Lionel Messi in the race for the Pichichi. The Portuguese netted thrice in the game to take his tally to 42 league goals for the season. Apart from the forwarda s performance, Real Madrid had a very tough game and the defence suffered for most periods of the game.

Here is a look at five things we learned from Sevillaa s defeat to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo Is A Beast

Real Madrid vs MalagaNo matter how good a striker is, no one will expect him to score more than 30 goals in a season once he crosses the 30-year old mark. However, Cristiano Ronaldo has proved once again that he is far from ordinary and except for a certain Argentine, no one can match his determination and ability at this age. After going three games without a goal, Ronaldo got his name back on the scoresheet after netting not one but three goals against one of his most favourite opponents. Ronaldoa s hat-trick against Sevilla helped Real Madrid to win the game despite not being the fancied side. The Portuguese has taken his tally to 42 league goals this season and with three more games still to go, Ronaldo can push Real Madrid into winning the La Liga for the second time in his career.

Ramos Needs To Return To The Backline

After the injury of Luka Modric, Ancelotti introduced a strange tactical masterstroke when he played Ramos in the midfield against Atletico Madrid. The Spaniard did not disappoint his coach and made it virtually impossible for Atletico forward Mario Mandzukic to use his strength in the air. However, playing Ramos in the midfield game-in game-out does not seem to be the solution. Considering Varanea s form, Pepea s consistency and the fact that Ramos is indispensable to the squad, it must be tough for Ancelotti to decide which two centre-backs to play. But playing all three of them with Ramos playing in the midfield is not the right solution. Against Sevilla, Ramos hardly made any impact in the midfield. In fact, Real Madrid ran the risk of conceding a goal on the counter every now and then. Real Madrid were lucky that they did not concede more than two goals despite some horrid defending. The need of the hour is that Ramos moves back to defence and Pepe makes his way to the bench. A Ramos-Varane partnership will work wonders as both have ample pace, strength and Varanea s cool temperament might just rub off on Ramos.

Superb Cameo By Gareth Bale

Bale returned from his injury and made an appearance in the final 25 minutes at Seville. The Welsh winger made his presence felt immediately as he sent in a brilliant cross from the right, which Ronaldo headed into the net to make it 3-1 for Real Madrid. That goal was as crucial as it comes as the away side were running the risk of conceding the equaliser. The goal allowed Real to enjoy a 2-goal margin until the home side netted their second goal with 12 minutes to go. Balea s short but highly productive cameo proves that he is ready to face Juventus on Tuesday. The Welshmana s return is great news for Real Madrid as they enter the stern test in their attempts to retain the European champions tag.

Illarramendi wasting his time at the Bernabeu

Asier Illarramendi New Real Madrid Signing Press ConferenceIllarramendi was brought in to the Bernabeu in 2013 as a long-term replacement for Xabi Alonso. However, the former Sociedad player has utterly disappointed in his 2 seasons with the club. A a 32 million price tag hasna t helped his case either and as he whiles his time away on The Whitesa bench, you can sense that his ambitions to become a long-term player with a Los Blancosa are coming to an end. Playing Ramos in the midfield against Atletico was a fairly justified and intelligent move by Ancelotti. However, ignoring Illarramendi to play Ramos in the midfield again against Sevilla just proved that Carlo does not trust Illarra and the Spaniard is not part of the plan. The best thing for both the parties will be a move away from the club this summer as Real Madrid are surely going to try signing a midfielder in the next transfer window.

Sevillaa s mighty run finally comes to an end

Hardly any top European clubs get to boast of a 35-game unbeaten run at home. Sevilla managed to do that but as all good things come to an end, their unbeaten run was brought to an end by none other than Real Madrid. Sevilla looked determined and were intelligent in their attacks, but it seemed like Real Madrid just wanted it more than the home side as Ronaldo inspired The Whites by scoring a hat-trick. While Real Madrid were far from their best on Saturday, Sevilla were unable to exploit the away sides shortcomings. The Andalusians created some really good chances but were unable to finish them in the appropriate fashion. Sevilla did not deserve to lose and were unlucky but a defeat is a defeat and it might have killed their hopes of grabbing the last Champions League qualification spot.