While the players, managers and owners are always in the limelight at any football club, the backroom and ground staff hardly ever get noticed. But Liverpool FC’s ground manager Terry Forsyth is finally earning praise, as he retires after 43 years of service at Anfield.


Forsyth started his career as an apprentice groundsman at the age of 17 in 1972. Since then, Liverpool FC have won 11 league titles, 6 FA Cups and 5 European Championships.

Terry Forsyth retires

As the 50-year old retires, he had a few kind words for the club. Terry admitted he had to cater the pitch as per the manager’s wish, but said he always had a great relationship with all managers.

“All different managers have their own way. Liverpool have always had this slick passing with the pitch watered and cut short. LFC have always had a fast-slick game and different players like it different ways. We always had to cater for the managers, there were very few moans. I always had a good rapport with the managers, their doors have always been open.

“Sometimes it amazes me where it’ll be raining for three days before a match and the managers want the pitch watered before kick off and at half time! And it can be minus four degrees and they want the pitch watered at half-time. That totally amazes me but we just have to fulfill whatever the manager asks for”, Terry said on Liverpool’s official website.

Ground in good hands

Former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers criticized the pitch on a few occasions, but Terry did not react to any of it. As he retires, Terry insists that the Anfield pitch is in good hands as he leaves, as he insists “The Liverpool Way” is not for players.