In an intense phase for FIFA, actor and Manchester United fan James Nesbitt is hoping to persuade Cristiano Ronaldo to come back to Old Trafford when the two will meet in Zurich for the Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Ronaldo has been linked with a move back to Manchester United for the past three seasons, but will it finally happen next summer?

The Gala will be at a time when FIFA is under severe pressure and scrutiny following the corruption allegations. Irish actor James Nesbitt will be hosting the ceremony and he hopes to convince the darling of Old Trafford to come home again.

Bringing Ronaldo back to Manchester United

Nesbitt joked about carrying a United jersey with Ronaldo’s name and number on it to Zurich and show it to the Real Madrid superstar.

“I’m taking a shirt with Ronaldo’s name and number on it, and hopefully he’ll put it on and get on the plane back with me”, Nesbitt said, as reported by Sky Sports.


On FIFA’s predicament

Much has been said in recent times about FIFA’s alleged corruption, but Nesbitt believes the Ballon d’or is an occasion where the “purity of the game” can be displayed for the fans and players.

“I’m a football fan and I think what it should be, during difficult times for that organisation, is a reminder of the purity of football – why grown-up men get paid an awful lot of money to play football and why they still play with the same passion they played with when they were boys kicking it around in a park.

“I was one of those boys kicking it around in a park, so hopefully I can bring some of that enthusiasm and simplicity of what we love about football to it, and maybe try and remind everyone involved about the purity of the game.”, Nesbitt added.

Where will Ronaldo be next season?

Ronaldo, who will turn 31 next march, is likely to leave Real Madrid at the end of the season. As of now, Manchester United and PSG seem to be the only potential destinations for the Portuguese, but as soon as Ronaldo expresses desire to leave Los Blancos, one can be sure that there will be plenty of offers.

However, there is a high probability of watching him at Old Trafford next season, not just because of his past with the Red Devils but also due to the lack of competition in Ligue 1.