The euphoria among the Liverpool FC fans yesterday was understandable. At long last, the club has made a world class signing, not in the form of a player, but as a manager.

This excitement among the fanbase came to the fore, when it was revealed that a total of 35,000 Liverpool FC fans tracked the flight of Jurgen Klopp from Dortmund to the Liverpool airport.

Earlier yesterday, there were widespread reports that Klopp was edging closer to be announced as the new Reds’ manager, however, when it became clear that the German had boarded the flight ‘LNX30HY’ from Dortmund to arrive at Anfield to sign on the dotted line, the fans went into delirium. A total of no less than 35,000 fans eagerly tracked the flight of Klopp, ensuring his safe arrival in England.

Flightradar, the website used by these fans to track the flight have revealed the strength of the fans who were busy tracking the new Liverpool FC manager’s arrival. At 9:00 PM BST, the Anfield club confirmed the appointment of Klopp as their new manager.


The 48-year-old German filled in the hot-seat, recently vacated by Brendan Rodgers, who was sacked on Sunday following the Merseyside Derby.