Ahead of the start of World Cup in Brazil, UEFA chief Michel Platini has become the latest high profile authority to withdraw his support from FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

The UEFA chief Platini says that Blatter is “finished” now and has refused to support him in his bid to remain president of Fifa any longer.

Earlier this week, number of Football authorities, including The FA President Greg Dyke and Netherlands FA Chief Macheal van Praag had asked for Blatter to step down from his role.

The UEFA president Platini feels that Blatter is no longer worthy of remaining the head of Fifa and has not ruled out putting his name as a future candidate for the the highest job.

Platini feels that it is a time for fresh air at the top of Fifa and has claimed that Blatter should remain true to his words.

“I am supporting him no longer, it’s finished. I have known him for a long time, I like him, but I’m not favourable to him having another term,” Platini was speaking to French magazine L’Equipe. “I supported him in 1998, but I do not support in 2014. And in the future, I shall not support Blatter. I told him that. I think Fifa needs a breath of fresh air.”

Fifa president had said last week that the criticism from European authorities “was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life”. This resulted in more angry replies to the ageing Blatter and Platini has come forward to remind him his own words.

“In 2011, he asked for [Uefa’s] and told us that this was his last term …”. Meanwhile, many experts are taking Platini’s name as the future president of Fifa and 1982 World Cup star is not ruling out the possibility. “It is an option,” he said. “But it is not because of Blatter that Michel Platini would stand. And it is not because of Sepp Blatter that Michel Platini would not appear. My only concern is what I want to do. I am almost 60 years and I need to know what I want.

“I just want to be sure what I want to do. In my life, I wanted to be a footballer, it went well. I was asked to coach, and to be president of the organising committee of the 1998 World Cup, I liked it. Then I became a member of the Executive Committee (Fifa). Now I am very happy to be at Uefa. I am loved by national associations. But Fifa is something important.”

Next election for Fifa President are in 2015.