The FA Chairman, Greg Dyke, has blasted on Sepp Blatter over the later’s attack over “Racist” British media and has asked for the resignation of the FIFA President.

Now, it is becoming increasingly clear that the members of UEFA have joined their hands to keep Blatter away from the presidency of FIFA as after Michel Platini, Greg Dyke is the latest person to make personal attack on the FIFA President.

 “Mr Blatter, many of us are deeply troubled by your reaction to these allegations,” the FA chairman said. “It is time for Fifa to stop attacking the messenger and instead consider, and understand, the message.”

Sepp Blatter met with the members from Asian and African conferences on Monday and launched a staunch attack on UEFA members by claiming that they have “racist” agenda against him. But now, the members of UEFA have come together against this attack of Blatter. Apart from Platini and Greg Dyke, Dutch FA president Michael van Praag has also criticized Blatter over his reporks.

“The allegations you made yesterday about the British media when you described them as racist were totally unacceptable,” Dyke told Blatter. “I read the articles in the Sunday Times in great detail, the allegations being made were nothing to do with racism. They are allegations about corruption within Fifa. These allegations need to be properly investigated and properly answered.”

Dyke said that the decision over the support to Blatter for his candidacy is not yet taken by the FA.

“Mr Blatter came in this morning and said: ‘We as Fifa are under attack.’ He’s basically saying he’s under attack from the British media,” Dyke said. “Among the British public, the Fifa brand is severely damaged. I suspect that is true throughout large parts of Europe.”

Meanwhile, David Gill, the FA vice-chairman and former Manchester United chief executive, who sits on the Uefa executive committee, also joined the likes of Platini and Dyke. He said: “The very fact that in 2011 he was clear it was four years, that should have been the situation. To change his mind is disappointing. They have worked on the structure and put in some new checks and balances. But a structure is only that; it is the people within that structure that determine whether it’s effective and delivers a Fifa that is fit for purpose.”

“But if you look at the reputation of Fifa over the last seven or eight years, people link Fifa to bribery and corruption, to a kind of old boy’s network,” he continued. “Fifa has an executive president and that means at the end he is responsible. Besides, he doesn’t make it easy on himself. People tend not to take him seriously any more and that is not good for Fifa.”