Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini has urged FIFA to ban Liverpool FC forward Luis Suarez, while the Uruguayan has defended his actions on the pitch.

Luis Suarez has once again grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Liverpool striker, who has past history of producing moments of madness on the pitch, was involved in another controversial incident in the recently concluded match between Italy and Uruguay in the World Cup.

In an off the ball incident, Suarez was involved in an altercation with Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini and the Uruguayan international has allegedly made an attempt to bite the Italian center back on his shoulder. Chiellini protested this in front of the match officials to no avail, but he has urged the authorities to use video evidence and ban Suarez.

“Suarez has bitten me and the referee saw it, but then there is the need to have the courage to take decisions.

“We will see if there is the courage to utilise the TV images to ban him.” – Chiellini said after the game.

Meanwhile, Suarez has defended his actions on the pitch and insisted that Chiellini was the offender in the first place.

“These situations happen on the pitch, we were both just inside the area, he struck me in the chest with his shoulder and he hit me in the eye as well.

“These are things that happen on the pitch and you shouldn’t attach so much importance to them.

“I’m very happy to have qualified. We are taking each game as it comes, we know that we’re in a difficult situation, we’re at our limits now.” – Suarez said.

Uruguayan manager Oscar Tabarez refused to comment on the incident before he sees it himself, but stressed on the fact that Suarez has always been targeted by a certain section of the media and that they will defend him against such negative publicity.

“I would like to see it first. If it happened then I think the referee had to have seen it first. I didn’t see the incident and I don’t want anyone to speak for me about it.

“Suarez, in addition to errors that he may have made, is a target for certain sections of the media.

“If we believe people are attacking him, as has happened in this press conference, then we’re going to defend him.

“He’s a vital player, a very important person to the group.” – Tabarez said after the game.

Italian manager Cesare Prandelli, who resigned after the defeat, also criticized the officials for not taking proper actions despite the presence of a bite mark.

“I didn’t see Suarez biting him but I saw the bite-marks on his shoulder but the referee’s assistants were so busy they didn’t see anything.

“It’s a shame, it’s a real shame that it turned out like this.” – Prandelli said.

FIFA have now decided to open proceedings against the Uruguayan striker based on video evidences and he could possibly face a long ban if proved guilty.

FIFA Vice-President, Jim Boyce, has assured that FIFA will investigate the incident and will take proper actions to resolve it.

“I have watched the incident several times on television.

“There is no doubt Luis Suarez is a fantastic footballer but once again his actions have left him open to severe criticism.

“There is no doubt that FIFA must investigate this incident very seriously and take whatever action is deemed necessary.” – Boyce said.