Ahead of what is going to be a big game for both Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, the manager attempted to play down the positions of his club and that of Manchester United on the table.

“It’s unusual but I’m sure that won’t last,” Arsene Wenger said. “You have to look further than the table and look at the quality of the players. I think it’s a very exciting game to watch.

“Of course [this game still means a lot]. I would say even more so because the two teams are chasing a good record to try to climb up the table in the Premier League, which makes it a very important game.

Referencing his battles with United in the past, Wenger sought to not think too much about the difference in quality of the two teams in the past.

“We have drawn a lot against Manchester United and we’ve lost a lot recently at Old Trafford, but I don’t think we’ve lost a lot at home.

“They have always been chasing recently for the championship, we went through a period where we did not. But there is no block there. We feel strong at home at the Emirates and we have a good record in the last 25 games.”

Arsenal certainly need a huge confidence boosting win if they are to get out of their slump, and a win against long standing rivals Manchester United will do just that.

The Gunners have a very important mid week game against Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, and they will certainly have one eye on that fixture as well, considering they need to win to be relatively comfortable of qualifying from the group. However, it wouldn’t be any easy as though Dortmund’s league form has been pathetic, they have been more than up for the battle in Europe.

If Arsene Wenger’s team contrives to lose another game, or god forbid, lose a lead one more time, their confidence will be shattered and it would be no state to go into a game of that magnitude.

For all of their own troubles, Manchester United would certainly be up for this game, especially Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, who take special delight in scoring against Arsenal.

Therefore, Wenger’s men cannot afford to be lax in defence, and there would be a certain benefit in even going out to get a 0-0 draw. A clean sheet, if nothing else, will get you a point, as opposed to zero if you lose. Also, a clean sheet would give a much needed confidence to a defence that seems to have no clue on how to avoid making mistakes!