Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger has questioned Frank Lampard’s loan move to Manchester City and whether it is a way to bend the FFP rules.

Frank Lampard was released by Chelsea this summer and the England international joined MLS club New York City on a two-year contract. But with the MLS season starting in March, has signed for Manchester City on a six-moth loan deal as he looks to keep up his fitness before the start of the next season. But Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has questioned this move and Manchester City’s reported aim to buy five clubs all over the world.

The former Chelsea midfielder was initially set to join to join A-League side Melbourne City, but was eventually signed by Manchester City. Incidentally, New York City, Melbourne City and Manchester City are all owned by holding company City Football Group, and this group is reportedly aiming to sign two more clubs across the World, one of which is likely to be Japanese club Yokohama Marinos, where they already hold some shares.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has questioned whether this is a viable move under the new Financial Fair Play rules and insisted that this could be a mean to bend the rules. Manchester City’s sister clubs could buy players and send them on loan to the Citizens, which will basically allow them to use a player without reflecting on their financial statement.

“It [Lampard’s move to Manchester City] is a surprise.

“After the statements we hear, it is a surprise but it looks like all of these ‘City’ clubs will feed the main club Man City. I heard they want to buy five clubs all over the world.

“I don’t know the rules well enough but they brought a franchise for US $100m to play in the States next season.

“At the moment, the players they sign cannot play until next year so they will register them in the clubs where they put them and they can get out on loan.

“Is it a way to get around the fair play (rules)? I don’t know. We are happy to dedicate the money to just run our club. There is not a lot of surplus to run other clubs.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has no qualms about Frank Lampard playing against Chelsea when these two sides face each other later in the season.

“He is a free agent he can choose his club so I have no problem at all.

“When he comes to Stamford Bridge he is welcome. When he comes to the Emirates…. He is at the Emirates. There is no problem.” – The Chelsea manager said.