Arsene Wenger said today that football managers should learn to adapt to a condition where they will always be in a permanent tribunal.

Speaking in the press conference before the game against Newcastle, Wenger said, “I think society is like it is today. You want to win the next game. It’s a permanent tribunal from everybody, and it is as it is. You have to cope with that.

“I believe that you want zero tolerance for no respect. You want respect in society and you want to legally make sure that respect is applied to everybody.

“Everybody has the right to be respected. I don’t think that anybody likes not to be respected.”

Understandably, this response came after Wenger was booed and abused by fans while the team was returning home after the defeat against Stoke City. While the defeat was hardly good to watch or digest, the response from some of the fans was disgusting and was condemned all round by managers and players alike.

Of course, not all the fans were party to the abuse, with only a very minor group feeling the need to vent out their frustration in such a vile way. There was also the banner that was unfurled during the game, but at least that was a more dignified way of showing their protest.

Wenger also praised the job Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has done in getting the club back on track.

“I think he has done very well,” he said. “He has gone through a very difficult patch at Newcastle and he has dealt with it with strength and dignity. Fortunately he has been rewarded for it.

“He did extremely well last year until December. Afterwards, he lost Cabaye and it became very difficult. This year, they had a difficult start and now they are on a great run. He’s done a great job to redress that. It’s not easy.”

With both teams in different forms right now, it would be interesting to see which of the two managers will come out the victors. Pardew would certainly want to continue their winning form, and Newcastle would be in especially high spirits after ending Chelsea’s unbeaten run. However, Wenger would also want to make sure that Arsenal do not lose any more matches, and if the Galatasaray game is anything to go by, the team does look as if it has put behind the defeat to Stoke.