Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is confident of beating Germany in their semi-final clash tonight, despite the absence of Neymar and Thiago Silva.

Brazil are gunning to win their fifth World Cup title this year and they are now two matches away from doing so. The host nation has progressed to the semi-final buoyed by their tremendous home support and Neymar’s magic. They defeated Colombia in their quarter-final clash, but the win came at a heavy price as Neymar suffered a critical injury and Thiago Silva received his second yellow card of the tournament. Neymar has been ruled out for a long period due to that injury, while Brazil captain Thiago Silva will also miss semi-final clash due to suspension.

But Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is confident of beating the odds and grabbing a win over Germany, who are currently the number one ranked team in the World. Scolari insisted that Neymar’s injury has galvanized this team and the players will set-up to make-up for his absence.

“This match we’ll be playing not just for ourselves but for our country, for everything we’ve ever dreamed of but also for Neymar and everything he’s done for us.

“Within our group, we’ve accepted that. We’ve left our sad phase behind and we’re focusing on other things.

“Neymar is one of our references and one of the best players in the world but we have another 22 players who have been hand-picked and capped because we know they are special.

“Those guys who come in are special. They can make a big difference. This is what we are conveying to our players. We will miss Neymar but we have a team who can overcome the difficulties and go on into the next round.

“That’s the goal the group has had since the beginning: to qualify for the final.” – The Brazil manager said in his pre-match press conference.

Scolari is also keen to improve his personal record against Germany, having faced defeats against them in the last two encounters when he was in charge of the Portugal national side.

“We won in 2002 with Brazil but I lost in 2008 with Portugal. And then I lost the third/fourth place play-off in 2006, also with Portugal, so I have two defeats and one victory.

“In order to tie this up I have to win on Tuesday, so I hope Brazil play well, win and the memories are very good.” – He said.

Scolari is also confident of getting his tactics right for the game and has elaborately scouted Germany’s set-up. He revealed that playing with three defensive midfielders is an option for this match and has assured the fans that the team is progressing in the right direction.

“I sleep very well. The easiest thing for me is to put my head down and sleep.

“I have a fantastic group of players and we have been watching Germany’s games too.

“We’ve had scouts at their last two matches and our scouts have instructed us how we can beat them.

“When you have a team working with you, a team of assistants, you feel more at ease making choices.

“I know the starting line-up. When they walk on to the field, you will see why I made those choices. I want to tell the Brazilian people: we’re doing our best, and doing what we think is necessary.

“Sometimes not in a very beautiful way, but we’re moving forward. One step at a time towards the final.

“Playing with three defensive midfielders is an option. If I have two players in there, the full-backs will have less freedom but I might be able to add something that imposes a bit more damage on Germany too.” – He added.