England  striker Wayne Rooney has hit out at former team-mates Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Scholes, claiming that Ronaldo played only for himself while suggesting that Paul Scholes had upset Manchester United with his comments.

Talking on the eve of the World Cup opening ceremony, Wayne Rooney attempted to distinguish himself from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, who he believes, plays only for himself. In comparison, Rooney described himself as a team player, insisting that he does not care about personal glory.

“I’m not a player who needs a legacy – like Cristiano, he has to have that. I’m more about winning as a team. He wants to have his moments.”

Wayne Rooney went on to emphasize that he has had his moments of personal glory but that nothing came close to winning trophies together with the team.

“I’ve won player of the year, it’s nowhere near as good as winning a trophy with United.”

These comments come at a time when Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League with Real Madrid while Rooney suffered his worst season with Manchester United and will be forced to watch the Champions League from the outside.

The English striker also added fuel to his on-going war of words with former team-mate Paul Scholes, claiming that Scholes had upset the Manchester United hierarchy with his criticism. The former midfielder had previously expressed his doubt over Wayne Rooney and that he might have already ‘peaked’ as a player.

Rooney on the other hand described the criticism as strange and hinted that Scholes’ comments did not matter as the Board at Manchester United saw him valuable enough to award him a new contract.

“I’m sure he has upset a lot of  people at Man United because they see me worthy of signing a new deal at the club, so obviously they have got a different opinion to what Paul has.”

Rooney commented that he found Scholes’ criticism ‘strange’ but also said that the former player was entiled to his opinions.

“The criticism was a bit strange, but he has his opinions and he’s entitled to them. It was very, very strange, but I’m sure he has his reasons.”

“I don’t agree with them, but he’s probably the best player I’ve ever played with so I’m not going to knock him as a player.”

He also revealed that he was never close to Paul Scholes during his years at Manchester United and that his opinion does not matter to him ahead of the World Cup.

“He’s been a great player at Manchester United, but I’ve never had his phone number and he’s never had mine.”

Having hit out at former team-mates, it remains to be seen if Wayne Rooney can back his words with a credible performance in the World Cup. Surrounded by young but talented players in the English dressing room, the responsibility will be on Wayne Rooney to guide the national team in the coming weeks.