Dutch coach Raymond Verheijen has slammed Louis Van Gaal’s coaching technique and believes that the Manchester United manager is responsible for the injuries suffered by the players in the pre-season.

The fitness coach believes that Van Gaal’s intensive training methods is responsible for the injuries suffered by the likes of Luke Shaw, claiming that the injury is a case of ‘too much training too soon’.

The coach took to Twitter to rant against Van Gaal and though he initially congratulated Manchester United over Van Gaal’s signing and praised the manager’s tactical abilities, he claimed that Van Gaal often over-trained the players thus leading to muscle injuries.


The coach pointed out that this is something that was palpable during the World Cup as well with the Netherlands squad suffering from a string of injuries. He blamed Van Gaal’s ‘double-training sessions’ for these injuries and has predicted that Manchester United too will suffer similarly.



Luke Shaw picked up a hamstring injury just days after the manager criticised him for his lack of fitness and Raymond Verheijen believes that it is due to the manager pushing the players ‘too much’ during the training sessions.

However the coach believes that it is highly unlikely that Van Gaal will change his training regime as he is surrounded by ‘yes men’ and ineffective journalists.