Talking before Manchester United’s game against West Brom on Monday, manager Louis Van Gaal believes that his performance at the club so far has been ‘great’.

“I am always great. That’s a very easy question. Thank you!” said the manager in response to the question asking him to assess  his tenure at Old Trafford.

The manager elaborated by saying that despite the hiccups, he had complete faith in the players and that the players have the same faith in the club and the management.

“How do I respond to that? No, I’m not going in the right direction? No. I have confidence in myself and in my players and that is very important. But much more important is that the players have confidence in the manager and his staff.”

Van Gaal conceded that he was being arrogant in calling his time at Old Trafford as ‘great’ but elaborated saying that the players are yet to embrace his philosophy at the club.

“When I respond I’m arrogant because normally I am always moving in the right direction – I have showed that already.”

“I think they do understand the philosophy but they have to perform that philosophy. We have to see if it is going to a higher level. We need more balance in the team.”

“I said that after the match against Everton, and I am looking for balance in the team not only spectacular attacking football, but also when you lose the ball that you have a shape as a team and that you can defend more easily, and kill the game better.”

“That’s also part of the philosophy and also because I am always choosing creative attacking football players. So we are looking for the balance and we shall see if the time I have had was long enough.”

Ashley Young and Fellaini returned from their injuries to train with the team but it is unlikely if Phil Jones, Chris Smalling, Ander Herrera, Michael Carrick and Jonny Evans can return for the game on Monday.

Van Gaal also spoke about West Brom and conceded the fact that the trip away on Monday will be a tough one for United.

“We start Monday against West Brom with a victory I hope. You can lose in this sport also, only Chelsea haven’t lost. Normally every club can lose. But I think West Brom are very difficult to beat especially at home.”

“They are a dangerous opponent that is difficult to beat. But there is no club in the premier league that is easy to beat, and that’s the difference with other leagues.”

“We have to start with a victory after the international break because we have won the last three games.”

Manchester United fans will be hoping for a victory on Monday as Van Gaal leads the club on to resurrection.