Speaking ahead of Manchester United’s clash against Sunderland, new manager Louis Van Gaal has admitted that he is under pressure to perform, but reassured fans that it will take time for his ‘philosophy’ to show results.

Following Manchester United’s defeat against Swansea at Old Trafford, Van Gaal revealed that he is aware of the fans reaction to his defeat but reiterated the need to be given time to produce the desirable results.

“It is always like that for two weeks ago I was the king of Manchester and now I’m the devil of Manchester. The football world and especially the media in this football world are like that.”

“I think the fans of Manchester are intelligent and I’ve already said in all the press conferences in the USA that the first three months will be difficult for the players and the fans.”

Speaking about his relationship with Ed Woodward and the Glazers, Van Gaal revealed that he is in touch with them and that they have full faith in his abilities as a manager. He went on to add that he has been ‘hired’ by United to build a team for the future and not to be fired after a few losses.

“I’ve said it to [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward and the Glazers that this is what it is.”

“They have hired me for my philosophy not because I’m a nice guy. I am a nice guy but that’s not why I was brought here.”

“I’m not hired to be fired. I’m hired to build up a team. That process needs time. I bring another philosophy in the club and that’s difficult because I have to give a lot of information.”

Speaking about the change at Old Trafford, Van Gaal reminded the Press that they players need time to adjust to a new system.

“For example I have to drive on the left side and then I have to pay a lot of attention to drive properly. It costs me a lot of energy. It’s the same for the players as they try to adapt.”

Earlier, Paul Scholes had expressed  concern over Manchester United, stating quite clearly that the club needed to bring in more players in order to improve the mediocre squad. He also expressed the fact that he was ‘scared’ about United’s future, believing that they might suffer a fate similar to Liverpool in the years to come.

But Van Gaal has dismissed such ‘fears’ and has asked the players and the fans, including Paul Scholes, to have same faith in his ‘philosophy’.

“I’m also scared for the fans. They have seen the first game. They have to believe in the philosophy we bring in this club. The players are believing it and they have to show it here, after they showed it. Paul Scholes has to believe in the philosophy.”

Speaking about the rumour regarding Welbeck’s future at Manchester United and that he had been indicated to leave the club, the manager dismissed such reports, revealing that though he did have a talk with the English striker, the media were inaccurate in their assumption that the striker will be leaving the club.

“I know what I have said to Danny and he knows exactly what I have said. The media is guessing, they were not in the room. I don’t talk about it, it’s private.”