Former President of Valencia CF Juan Soler was arrested last night, along with another person, accused of plotting a kidnapping attempt by a mercenary businessman Vicente Soriano, also a former president of Valencia.

Soler had two weeks under investigation and was arrested last night by the Group Robbery of the National Police, with an intermediary, an Italian national, for having commissioned a third kidnapping in an “imminent” Soriano in exchange for a sum of around between 50,000 and 100,000 euros.

According to news report by Spanish website El Mundo, Soler is accused of plotting a conspiracy to kidnap the former president. He has been on probation with a restraining order because they are neighbors. In 2009 he bought Soriano Soler shares of the club for 85 million who never paid.

El Mundo has also reported that Soriano has been released after invoking his right not to testify at the police court, but charged with an offense of attempted kidnapping.

According to initial investigations, the only reason for plotting this rapture is economical. Vicente Soriano committed in July 2009 to purchase 85.5 million euros for the 70,899 shares of the Soler family owned Valencia CF and gave him most for, in turn, to sell the club Investment in Dalport. After coming to know that the notes with which the company aimed to address the purchase of the club were false, Soriano was solely responsible to deal with the notarized agreement with Juan Soler.

These actions ensured that once the property of the club, today only represent 5% of the shares and, to the default Soriano, were seized to proceed with its attorney auction, something that has not happened yet.

Emery: Sevilla-Valencia a Great Draw For La Liga

The former Valencia boss is buoyed by the fact that the all-Spanish semi-final ensures that the country will have a team at Juventus Stadium on May 14.

Some La Liga experts had been hoping that the two sides would be kept apart but the Rojiblancos and Los Che must now go head to head, with Italian champions Juventus having been paired with Portuguese outfit Benfica.

However, Emery feels that it is a great draw for La Liga and is also downplaying the significance of the fact that Sevilla will have to travel to Mestalla for the second leg of their semi-final showdown.

“They are nuances [to playing away], but it is best to accept it and, as we accept, it we are better prepared,” the 42-year-old coach told reporters on Friday.

“We are satisfied, we believe that it is a very nice tie that excites everyone, and that will lead to a Spanish team being in the final.

“That is good for national football. We want to do something important. It’s an attractive tie. We know them very well and have competed against them this season.”