Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has been branded as an egoistic, difficult man by Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

Van Gaal took charge of Bayern Munich in 2009 and missed out on a treble in his very first season by losing out to Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan in the finals. His performance in the second season in charge however was not upto the mark and Rummenigge and co decided to sack the United boss, replacing him with Andries Jonker.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge  has now opened the lid on his relationship with Van Gaal and has called the United boss ‘egoistic’, one who wanted to ‘Vangaalise’ the club.

“As soon as he presented his autobiography in a snobby restaurant, I knew hard times were ahead. Louis van Gaal was not always easy-care. He wanted to ‘Vangaalise’ our club. He has a huge ego.”

Is he 'Vangaalizing' United now?

Is he ‘Vangaalizing’ United now?

He did concede that Van Gaal was a successful coach but went to compare him with Pep Guardiola who he believes fit the fabric of the club better. The Bayern chief took a snide dig at Van Gaal by claiming that though Guardiola is inventive, he is never ‘crazy’.

“Pep’s a genius. He’s made Bayern a bit more professional. He’s got high expectations, but he also respects the culture of this club. He has many ideas, sometimes unusual ones, but never crazy.”

Bayern Munich and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge have often been criticized for creating a monopoly in the German Bundesliga following their poaching of Dortmund’s talented players such as Mario Gotze and Lewandowski. Bayern Munich are also openly in the race for Marco Reus and Rummenigge’s comments regarding the midfielder’s contract at Dortmund have drawn a sharp criticism from those at the club. However the Bayern Munich chief believes that his signing of players like Mario Gotze and Lewandowski is actually good for the Bundesliga as it prevents the departure of the players to other leagues abroad.

 “If we hadn’t signed them, they would now be playing abroad somewhere. Both make the league attractive.”

“Götze had an incredible offer from Manchester City while Real Madrid desperately wanted Lewandowski, and would that have been better for the Bundesliga?”

Meanwhile United manager’s former player Khalid Sinouh has revealed that Van Gaal once shouted so hard at him during training that his dentures flew out!

As a part of a new biography on Van Gaal, titled “O, Louis: In Search of Louis van Gaal, the book delves into the manager’s ferocious temper and is accounted by his former player Khalid Sinouh who played for him in 2006.

“He set up this exercise where I had to be non-responsive as a keeper but the crosses were so dodgy I had no choice to save them, and that was a definite no-go. He had already bollocked me for it once but the second time he comes over and starts screaming at me something fierce and his dentures go flying.”

“Best of it was, he caught them in a single movement, stuffed them back in his mouth and carried right on screaming. And there’s me standing opposite him trying to keep a straight face.”

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