Speaking ahead of United’s clash with Arsenal, Van Gaal has revealed that on-loan striker Radamel Falcao has suffered a ‘new injury’ and is at least two weeks away from making a first team appearance for Manchester United.

Colombia’s team doctor had earlier confirmed that Falcao was set to make a come-back in 8 days, rendering him unavailable against Arsenal as he was  in the last stage of his recovery. However United chief Van Gaal now revealed that Falcao has picked up a new injury and will be out for another 2 weeks.

Falcao last played a game in the United jersey 4 weeks ago against West Bromwich and is yet to complete a full game for his new club. Such has been the case that many believe that Falcao could be on his way out next summer  with United not keen on investing in an injury-prone striker. And it looks like United’s biggest fears are coming true after Van Gaal confirmed that the striker had picked up a new injury and will be out for 2 weeks.

“It takes time. Next week he shall train, probably with our selection and then he needs two weeks and maybe a game.”

Falcao was the centre of much speculation earlier with many reports suggesting that the Colombian international was still recovering from his serious knee injury suffered in January this year. Reports claimed that the knee injury was still plaguing Falcao and that United were not keen on investing on the player due to his fitness concerns.

In such a situation, Falcao had to himself come out as the striker cleared the air with the fans and media alike regarding his fitness concerns.

“I am getting better, I feel well and I hope to come back to the pitch soon.  It is disappointing that I can’t play but I have to be calm and recover because that is important to help the team when I return to the games.”

 “It is a bit frustrating. Well, it is more than frustrating actually and it detracts from the credibility of the media that there is so much speculation and that so many falsehoods have been written about it.”

“I think with an audience of so many millions of people, it is not right. I did take a small injury to my calf, which is something that I need to be careful with, but there are a lot of stories circulating that are pure speculation.”

However with the striker suffering another injury during his short time at United, it remains to be seen if Falcao is indeed on borrowed time at Manchester United.