Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso and Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has been charged with improper conducted by the UEFA.

UEFA have decided to press charges against Xabi Alonso and Diego Simeone for improper conduct during the Champions League final held in Lisbon earlier this month.

Atletico Madrid were close to winning their first Champions League title before Sergio Ramos equalized for Real Madrid in the dying moments of normal time. Simeone confronted referee Bjorn Kuipers for allowing too many additional minutes. But the charges of improper conduct were brought against him for his reactions to Rafael Varane’s alleged attempt at kicking the ball towards him. The Atletico Madrid manager ran towards the Real Madrid defender, into the pitch, before players stopped him from progressing further. He was sent off to the stands by the referee, but even before leaving the pitch he pointed towards Varane and said: “I’ll see you in the tunnel”.

Simeone later accepted that emotions got the better of him, but insisted that Varane’s action provoked him.

“He shouldn’t have done that and it upset me. He’s not big enough to do something like that to me.

“I was angry although maybe I overreacted.”  – The Atletico Madrid manager said back then.

UEFA have now charged the Argentine with improper conduct on the field and reports suggest that he could possible face touch-line ban for six games – which means he might miss the group stage of next year’s competition.

The governing body has also charged Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso under the same code. The former Liverpool midfielder was banned from participating in the final, yet he ran onto the touchline after Gareth Bale scored Real Madrid’s third goal of the game in extra-time. He also faces suspension from next season’s tournament like Diego Simeone, although he is unlikely to be published as severely as the Atletico Madrid manager.

12 yellow cards were dished out by the referee in the final at Lisbon (Real Madrid five and Atletico Madrid seven), and both the clubs have been charged for receiving more than five yellow cards each. The clubs could also be additionally fined after the fans lit fireworks in the stadium during the game. The hearing for all these charges will be held on 17th of July.