Arsenal  FC manager Arsene Wenger has expressed his concern about the team’s away form and insisted that top-four remains the club’s minimum expectation.

Arsenal were the best away-team last season, along with Liverpool, as they racked up 35 points away from home. But this season the Gunners have had a slow start to their League campaign and have managed only three wins on the road in nine matches. Arsene Wenger feels that his side haven’t been efficient enough away from home and that they need to improve on it soon.

“I feel that we have not been efficient enough away from home. In our last two away games we were not strong enough defensively, not at Stoke and not at Liverpool.

“There’s disappointment [after the result at Anfield] because we conceded a goal in the last minute. You can’t concede goals on corners at any minute in the game and we were caught because we were not organised quickly enough on the corner.

“We will work on it and improve on it. Usually we are not bad on set pieces defensively, we have one of the better records at it in the league. Occasionally it can happen.

“But overall I don’t think the result is a disaster and it’s a fair result considering the run of the game.” – The Arsenal manager said.

Wenger also stressed on the importance of the Boxing Day fixtures. The Frenchman feels that his side have a tough fixture list in this holiday season with away matches against West Ham and Southampton lined up after the match against QPR.

“It’s more than the day. It’s the period that is very important. The day has something special because it’s called Boxing Day and it’s famous all over the world.

“Everybody knows that Boxing Day is the only day when only England plays. Overall it maybe contributes to the fact that the Premier League is so famous.

“We played QPR two years ago and they were very difficult games. West Ham at the moment are in very good shape. We go away to Southampton, which is a very difficult schedule as well.” – Wenger added.

The Arsenal manager maintained that top-four remains the club’s minimum expectation this season and that his side will give their best in order to achieve that.

“[Aspirations is] To give absolutely everything in every single game until the end of the season. I believe that with the injuries coming back we will have a much stronger squad than we have had for the past two months. I believe 2015 can be very exciting [if] we manage to get our injured players back and have a good run.

“[Top four] That is always the minimum required here. We have the Champions league, we have the FA Cup, we have the Premier League where we want to come back to a much stronger position and I think we will.” – He said ahead of their clash against QPR.