In the days leading up to his return to the team, Theo Walcott was visibly bulked up in the training pictures that were made available by Arsenal. Fans were already over the moon at the prospect of a stronger Walcott bulldozing past defenders with his pace and bringing in a much needed directness and a wide outlet for all the creative midfielders in the team.

For quite some time now, it has been evident that Theo Walcott is the fastest player at Arsenal. His pace had been quite handy to run behind opposition defenders and also create quick counter-attacks. His importance to the team was most noticeable after he got injured in the game against Tottenham Hotspur in January last season. The gunners visibly struggled to find those pockets of spaces that they needed to score goals, and they were one paced throughout the second half of the season, losing crucial points in the process.

With the signing of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, Arsenal fans have been literally salivating at the prospect of having all 3 in the frontline, and what a frightening sight it would be for defenders to play against them. With Walcott finally making his return against Burnley last week, it is now just a matter of time before Arsene Wenger integrates him to the team shape and use his pace to create problems for the opposition.

But if you thought the Theo of old was good enough to wreak havoc, what would a much faster Walcott bring to the table? Apparently, that’s what Arsenal fans will get to see.

In a twitter takeover today, Theo Walcott confirmed the not so surprising fact that he was the fastest in the team. But what was indeed surprising was his revelation that he was clocked faster than before he got injured.

He said, “I’ve been clocked faster than I was before when I was fit, so yes the answer is”.

All those strengthening exercises seem to not only have bulked up Walcott, but also have given him the legs to go even faster. It is no wonder that Roy Hodgson has already called him up for the upcoming England matches, but it will be doubtful if he will actually use him, considering Walcott has had a grand total of 10 minutes playing time. On the other hand, Arsenal might see it as a good opportunity to get Walcott some much needed match fitness and get rid of any rustiness in the player. If he does play, Arsenal fans would be praying that he does not get injured again.

However, this pans out, it would seem Arsenal fans have something to look forward to, after the demoralising draw against Anderlecht during the midweek Champions League fixture.

Hold on to your hats, folks! This will be a fast one!