Striker Luis Suarez says he is surprised at Liverpool‘s success this season and admitted that Liverpool would challenge for the title again next season, if they’re unable to get it this time. 

Liverpool presently lie in the first place of the Premier League table and are enjoying a steller season. The Reds are five points clear at the top of the table and have three games remaining. Liverpool’s biggest test is going to be Sunday’s crucial match against title aspirants and rivals Chelsea at Anfield.

One of the reasons for Liverpool’s fantastic run is striker Luis Suarez- someone they fought tooth and nail, to keep in the club and successfully managed to do so. The Uruguyan is now hoping that he will be able to win this silverware, two and a half years into his arrival from Ajax. However, he admits to being surprised at where the Reds’ sit on the PL table at the moment and at how well they’re playing.

“To win the title would be something that no one would believe,” he said.

“The truth is we’re surprised ourselves at how well we’re playing. We have good players who are demonstrating why they are playing for Liverpool”

Suarez said that winning the title would be even more amazing because of the paltry investment his club made compared to rivals Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City.

“It would be something amazing because of the investment made by Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. Even Tottenham have spent over £100m. We, with so little investment, are in this position. It would be incredible”.

Suarez said that Liverpool’s top priority for the season was to qualify for the Champions League. Last weekend’s win over Norwich City ensured that no matter what, the Reds won’t finish below the third spot and hence, they have finally got the assurance of taking part in the elite European competition next season. The ex-Ajax striker believes that now they can turn their attention to the title.

“We were clear that our aspirations were to qualify for the Champions League, that was our primary goal. Until we confirmed that we were in the Champions League, we weren’t happy.

“Now that has happened and now we are top of the table, we are going to try and take advantage. We want everyone to feel our presence in all the games”

Suarez remained optimistic and said that if the Merseyside club were unable to win the competition this season, they would try again next time as they now believe that they have the players to achieve that.

“But, if we don’t win it, we will try again next year. We have realised this year that, with these players, it is possible.”

Suarez was also in appreciation of the Premier League and called it the best one in the world, which would give the Reds fans some assurance as to where the 27 year old’s future lies.

“For me the Premier League is the best in the world.

“You will see Norwich, Cardiff, Crystal Palace against any big team and you will see crowded stadiums, people living the game with passion.

“In that moment you realise that, in the Premier League, you cannot relax at any time. All the games are played at the top level and that is the beauty of it.”