Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard praised Luis Suarez and insisted that the club would continue to fight till the end and carry this into next season.

Liverpool, who could have won the Premier League (albeit with some slip ups from Manchester City which might still give the Reds their chance at the title), have seen their chances become even slimmer after a disastrous twelve minutes at Selhurst park. The Reds had looked to be in a commanding position having raced to a three-goal lead in the crucial Barclays Premier League encounter but saw Tony Pulis’s home side coming back into the game in an incredible fashion by getting three goals back and ensuring the Reds go back with only a point.

There was visible disappointment on the faces of the players and management after the game and manager Brendan Rodgers admitted that the players were ‘devastated’. Luis Suarez was in tears and was seeing being consoled by Steven Gerrard who looked shocked like his other teammates.

Gerrard hailed the Uruguayan at the club’s end of season ceremony:

“Luis seems to be cleaning up at the moment. He’s won everything and we are lucky to have such a world-class talent like Luis playing here with us and helping us to great things and be successful.

“He is out there by a big distance as the best player I have played with and that is no disrespect to anyone else – there has been some top talent for club and country – but this fella can do the lot. He is different to most footballers.

“I don’t have to mention his talent, you can see it out there, and he is a fighter who doesn’t give up.

“There is some disappointment looming around but if this fella stays around for a few more years I think there will be some really big nights.”

The England captain also said that his side will continue to fight till the end and carry on this fight next season:

“It has been an incredible season for us. There is no doubt to bring Champions League football back is an unbelievable achievement – it is so difficult to achieve.

“We’ve made huge strides as a team and we will continue to fight all the way to the end. We will have to wait and see how the final couple of games pan out but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

“The plan is to go and beat Newcastle. If it is not to be, we keep fighting.

“The biggest message when you sign for this club is you never get too high when you win an award or trophy and you never get too down when one slips away – literally slips away.

“You continue to fight game by game but for me I stand here really proud of my team-mates and have a huge belief that if this group of players stick together and we can make the right additions in the summer the future is bright for the club.”