Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard has revealed his plans when he eventually retires, Liverpool’s top 4 chances, England’s World Cup chances and his fond relationship with Kenny Dalglish.

Gerrard, who is a Liverpool legend and has made 653 career appearances for the club, is already making plans to move into management once he hangs up his boots.

The England captain said:

“I’ve started my coaching badges recently, a couple of months ago and I’m going through the necessary steps to becoming a manager but no decision has really been made.

“I’d be interested in being a manager or even a number two, but I think you have to wait and see if you’re good enough, and what job offers you get.

“But I’ve always said it, if big job offers come my way then I’d have to make that call and see.”

Gerrard has worked with a numerous managers at his club and country, such as Rafa Benitez, Gerard Houllier, Fabio Capello and Sven-Goran Eriksson, but it was the time with another club legend, Kenny Dalglish, that he talks about with a lot of love and affection and says that it was “a shame” that the tenure didn’t last longer than that.

“It was emotional to see Kenny back at the club. I remember getting that phone call from him in Dubai, and it was a great feeling to have him back.

“Listening to team-talks and doing training with ‘The King’ was different, as I grew up with my brother and father drilling it to me about Kenny Dalglish as a player. I am fortunate enough to have a relationship with him anyway, but to work with him as manager was very special. It was great to win a cup too, both for him and the club. It’s just a shame it didn’t last any longer.”

When asked about joining fellow Liverpool one-man-club player and friend, Jamie Carragher into punditry, Gerrard said that he could be interested in that depending upon the opportunity that comes:

“There’s a good chance of me stepping into that role yeah, I do love the game and talking about football, so if I want to stay in the game punditry could be something for me.

“But it’s the same as management, you’d have to wait and see whether your good enough or not and if there would someone willing to give you a chance.”

When asked about the massive summer in Brazil, Gerrard replied:

“Its going to be tough. I don’t want to raise expectations. We qualified really well. We showed good form towards the end. I think the key is to keep the majority of players fit. Its a big setback, losing Theo Walcott. But if we can keep the likes of Daniel Sturridge, Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and the big players who are in form fit, we go there with every chance and I believe we can do well”.

Gerrard also is positive about Liverpool’s top 4 ambitions this season and feels that it would be comfortably attainable if the club keeps up this form.

“You’ve got to be excited how open this Premier League has been so far. There’s been many seasons’ that come Christmas and January we’ve been out of the title race and the top four places. So to be in the mix, with players in top form, we are very confident we can make those Champions League places if we stay consistent.”