Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque believes that his side could retain the World Cup but does not want to burden them with high expectations.

The current World and European champions are termed as the favorites to retain their crown but coach Del Bosque feels that it is not right to put his players under too much pressure at the moment.

However, Spain coach Del Bosque feels that his side is one of the strongest in the tournament and he has complete faith in his players.

“It will be on the field where things will make themselves known. We believe we’ve worked hard to get things right but football is what, in the end, shows whether things have been done right or not,” Del Bosque was speaking to Spanish newspaper Marca.

Del Bosque feels that previous success counts for nothing at such big tournament and they have to start again from the scratch. “Everything that has happened to us in the last four years is down to the fact that we won [the 2010 World Cup].

“From the idea of being favourites, it is best to turn away, and it is my experience in football that tells me this. A World Cup final is far too big of an event to start sticking these kinds of labels on to.”

Brazil will be playing in front of their home crowd and Del Bosque said that the hosts will be under huge pressure to perform well.

“Obviously, Brazil are playing at home and are a great team; all the same, the pressure they are going to be under is huge, a lot more than in the Confederations Cup.”

Tiki-taka football of FC Barcelona has come under serious scrutiny nowadays but Spain has enjoyed tremendous success by playing with this style.

However, the Spain boss believes that it is one of the many ways to play the quality football and his side will showcase more aggressive game in Brazil World Cup.

“Football can be played well in many different ways. We do not possess a magic formula; we have an idea based on the players we have available,” Del Bosque said.

“This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other teams who are just as good and who could get excellent results. Possession without depth has no meaning.

“And that’s why we are working hard on being a side which is aggressive in fighting back, compact and capable of putting the pressure on.”