‘The best form of defense is attack’, goes a seldom followed saying, but is vigorously followed when it is Southampton’s boss Ronald Koeman. The Dutchman has ignited Southampton’s hope of finishing in the business end of the league, after a mass exodus of players, saw many writing off the team from Southampton. Sitting fourth with thirty two points, is perhaps a massive insult for clubs such as Arsenal and Liverpool, who are still finding their feet in the English Premier League. With league leaders Chelsea FC next, Southampton will hope that their chemistry clicks and Londoners fell victims to luck. Although Southampton boss Ronald Koeman, has expressed his feeling towards Chelsea FC and said that they are a ‘fantastic’ side, his aim to outshine the league leaders, whilst being hell bent on an attacking stance, is both praise worthy and naive.

“I believe in our way of playing and not to change the system, we try to do it our way,” said Koeman

“We are dreaming a little bit now because we have a great position in the league,” he said. “We had a difficult time after some defeats. We have now won two in a row, that’s important, game by game to do our best and what we like to do: play attractive football, offensive football. And go for it. But that means every game, not because our opponent is Chelsea or Manchester City. No, we go for it. That’s football and if you don’t go for it, stay home.”

The ‘go-for-it’, could be become Southampton’s sucker punch as the quality between the two sides is massive and with Chelsea FC possessing a hefty weapon in the form of quick scintillating counter attacks, if the Saints attack in numbers, they could easily get hammered.

The returning James Ward-Prowse, has been one of the influential players under Koeman’s setup and with a fresh squad, Southampton would look to contest for a single point, if not for all three.

“All the lads are buzzing and we’re back on track,” says Ward-Prowse. “It is going to be a great game between two teams that are in form now. It will be an entertaining encounter.

“Chelsea are a fantastic side, have a lot of world-class players but if we are to get to where we want to get to in Europe we’re going to have play teams like this. That’s a sort of challenge and we’re ready for it” he concluded.