Despite adding a humiliating loss against Liverpool to the long list of his defeats this season, David Moyes continues to enjoy Sir Alex Ferguson’s support as Manchester United go through its darkest spell in the past few decades.

Having announced his retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson handed over the reins to David Moyes who has been spectacularly incompetent in his new job at Old Trafford. The manager has struggled from one disappointing loss to another and recently lost 3-0 to arch-rivals Liverpool, whom Ferguson struggled several years to knock off the Premier League perch. But if David Moyes is to be believed, he continues to have ‘the boss’s’ blessing for the job at Old Trafford.

“The support inside Old Trafford has been phenomenal. Sir Alex has been incredibly supportive, so has David Gill and the board.”

The manager claimed that he was aware of the responsibility he took up when he accepted Alex Ferguson’s offer to manage Manchester United and his comments revealed as if United’s current losing streak was one he expected at the start of the season.

“Sir Alex told me it was going to be a very difficult job but he is always there to help.”

The fact that David Moyes seems so unperturbed and clueless in his press conferences highlights the defeats that his United have succumbed to this season. The manager seems unable to grasp the true identity of Manchester United and has been accused by the fans of ‘ripping the heart out of the club’.

For example, before hosting Liverpool at Old Trafford, David Moyes went ahead and called his arch-rivals the favourites to win the match due to their superior position in the Premier League. While this was a clear attempt to put pressure on the visitors, it seemed surprising that a United manager was publicly undermining his team infront of his arch-rivals. Infact this attempt backfired quite painfully on David Moyes when Brendan Rodgers responded to the comments following his side’s 3-0 victory.

“I was probably surprised before the game when I heard we were supposedly coming to Old Trafford as favourites. I would never say that at Liverpool – even if I was bottom of the league.”

“Anfield is Anfield. We expect to win and we have a mentality that has been developing over 18 months which we expect to win home and away and the belief is in the players and you see that in their game.”

Many fans believe that Sir Alex Ferguson himself wouldn’t have made such a comment leading to allegations that David Moyes doesn’t understand the true nature of the football club he is managing. This sentiment was echoed by a letter from the fans to David Moyes which was carried by several newspapers where a United fan accused Moyes of ‘ripping the heart out of the club’.

“He’s ripped the heart out of it, he’s ripped the soul out of it, he’s ripped the passion out of the team.”

While David Moyes has certainly failed to motivate the dressing room, reports also suggest that he has fallen out with Ryan Giggs after the latter complained that the defensive training regimes at United under David Moyes were against the attacking ethos of the club.

However in spite of growing the discontentment, Sir Alex Ferguson continues to back the ‘chosen one’ and Moyes himself believes that his future is in no danger.

“The biggest assurance is the club will let me get on with the job. I have a six-year contract. This club does not work on a short-term vision, it works on a long-term vision.”

While the security offered to the manager might be a welcome change in modern football, many believe that Moyes will only get United deeper into mediocrity if he is allowed to continue before Alex Ferguson and co realize their mistakes.

However for now the Scot certainly seems to have the blessing at Old Trafford and looks set to continue for a couple of years to come. But will he able to turn things around and get United back on the track? Well he certainly claims so, and has been doing exactly that for the past 9 months. And the fans are still waiting.

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