Tottenham Hotspur manager Tim Sherwood has insisted that Spurs were overhyped at the start of the season and could have never finished in the top-four after the departure of Gareth Bale.

Tottenham Hotspur reinvested the huge transfer fee they received from Gareth Bale departure to Real Madrid. Following a host of new arrivals to the squad and with Andre Villas Boas at helm, big things were expected from Spurs. Most of the experts tipped them to not only break into the top-four, but to also provide a title challenge. But things didn’t go according to these predictions and Tottenham Hotspur finished sixth in the league table – 17 points behind eventual champions Manchester City.

Tim Sherwood, who took over at the club after the dismissal of Villas Boas, has also turn around the fortunes of the club and now face an uncertain future at the helm. But the 45-year-old believes that Spurs are where they should be with this squad. The Tottenham manager questioned how people expected them to break into the top-four, leave alone challenging for the title, with a squad of seven new players, who didn’t have any previous experience of playing the Premier League.

“We’re taking out one of the best players in the world and replacing him with seven players who have never played in this competition before.

“How on earth did people think we would be title challengers or even make the top four?

“If you don’t know the game you could possibly think that they would all hit the floor running but it doesn’t happen, they need time.

“This club will be better with those seven players next season – they’ll have experience of the competition and they will improve from that.” – The Tottenham Hotspur manager said.

Sherwood also insisted that Spurs were overhyped at the start of the season and that replacing someone like Gareth Bale was always going to be tough.

“It was hyped – the hype was ridiculous. We’ve qualified for the Champions League once – why have we got a divine right to qualify for the Champions League?

“Where we’ve finished in sixth is where we should be, it’s where we are as a club.

“We all want to aspire to the top four and the title but we aren’t getting there with what we’ve got.

“To remove a match winner like Gareth Bale out of that squad – we shouldn’t have expected it after that.” – He added.