Spain defender Sergio Ramos has said that more clarification is needed on the controversy over the fitness levels of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas.

Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have opted to stay out of Spain squad for their upcoming games against Germany and Belarus. Both the players have claimed that they are injured but there is a big controversy as questions are being raised over the commitment of Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas for Spain.

And captain Sergio Ramos has claimed today that more clarification from both Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa would help to resolve the situation.

“I would have clarified the issue so that there would not have been a greater impact, so that the people could not have speculated or made stuff up,” said Sergio Ramos about the controversy sparked by Diego Costa and Cesc Fàbregas’ absences from the Spanish national team.

“During the previous gathering of the squad I came, I underwent a test, I had a tear in my calf and I left. Other times I have played with niggles. This runs in each person’s DNA and the one who has to set the rules is the coach,” Ramos told Spanish newspaper Marca.

Sergio Ramos has also said that he expects same amount of commitment for Spain from players that they have for their club. “Pubis is what we can say you have. Another thing is what you have. I would like that the players have the same commitment with the national team that they have with their club. But the coaches are those who make the rules. Del Bosque and Grande are those who should make the rules.”

Spain boss Vicente del Bosque has given the chance to new players like Jose Callejon and Bruno Soriano for upcoming internationals and Sergio Ramos has welcomed the decision of the coach to include the youngsters. “It’s good to reward the players who are not at big teams. I am in favour of rewarding Callejón, Bruno and Nolito. And also Isco, who is a magical player. We have had a unique selection of players and it is difficult to forget it.”

Sergio Ramos is also very excited about this new looking Spain squad and he is optimistic about the future. “There has always been commitment, although we live in a bubble of success. The ideas that we will lose with anyone or finish outside of the World Cup do not arise. But in football you can lose and there may be nothing to reproach. It’s a game.”