Sergio Aguero struck FOUR goals for Mancehster City against Tottenham on Saturday as the hosts cruised to a 4-1 victory

Tottenham manager Maurico Pochettino made the comparison between Aguero and Mozart in the build up to this match, attempting to convey something of the Argentine’s special talent.
Perhaps he might wish to temper his praise in future, for Aguero played like a man inspired by the compliment. He was sublime and Pochettino, if not quite weeping by the end, would at least have been overwhelmed with emotion: frustration, mainly.

In a game of four penalties – only two of them awarded correctly – Aguero scored four goals, might have had seven were it not for Hugo Lloris and dominated a game in which City chose to rest key men for their crucial Champions League clash in Moscow on Tuesday

‘It was amusing game for the fans,’ said Manuel Pellegrini ,in his usual tone. ‘It was 4-1 but it could have been 7-3. It’s very important to be an attractive team but maybe it’s important also not to make as many mistakes, especially with excessive trust, with the ball at our feet.’
One neagtive was however Frank Lampard going off injured , and it is a major point of concern. Still, the brilliance of Aguero made it hard to dwell on negatives. ‘He is one of three of four best strikers in the world,’ dead panned Pellegrini, as excited as an accountant announcing mediocre end-of-year results.
‘I’m not just saying it after this game: It was not easy for him last year when he had so many injuries to produce these kind of performances when he’s not 100 per cent fit. Now he demonstrates how he can play. Maybe he won’t score four goals a game but he will demonstrate why everyone says he is one of the best players in the world.’

For Pochettino there were only regrets. ‘It’s tough to accept the result, because the performance was good,’ he said. The persistence and determination of Lee Mason and the guile of Christian Eriksen gave them a real opportunity to obtain points from this game; yet the rash decisions of Younes Kaboul and Federico Fazio would cost them.