At a time when Arsenal fans and neutrals alike are questioning the players and whether they are suited to playing for the club, it would be soothing to hear from one of the superstars and more consistent performers talk highly about the players in the club.

In an interview with AS, Alexis Sanchez talked about how he was in awe of the players that he trains with every day, despite coming from a club like Barcelona.

“People I trust spoke very highly of Arsenal, its greatness, the quality of their players. Now that I’m here, sometimes I stop to look my teammates in practice and I realize that I’m surrounded by a lot of quality. I have been impressed by the attitude and talent. I know that with this group we can win many titles in the coming years. I’m convinced.”

While it does seem like something he has to say in public, what with the insistence on PR from all clubs nowadays, his gushing praise does seem genuine.

“I’ve been impressed,” he continued. “I love how they look and create spaces, individual and collective movements. I tell you seriously, I like what I see so much that I have repeated many times that if we have the winning mentality needed, and if we are positive and go out to win every game, I know we can win in any competition.”

In a further sign that Alexis is an awesome professional, he thinks he still needs to improve, despite looking like the only one who seems to be giving it everything to win the game. He said, “Clearly I need to improve and that is what I say in the dressing room: I could dwell a little less on the ball, use one-touch play to facilitate counterattacks. That is vital. I must learn that because the rapid transitions are key in this league and with this team.

“This football [in England] is hard, very hard. It’s a struggle to adapt. Of all the leagues in which I have played, this is the most complicated. I like the challenge, but it’s not easy!”

Of course, if he can play this great while he’s not finding it easy, one can only wonder how much more damage he can cause to opposition teams once he gets fully acclimatized!

He also had praise for his strike partner, Danny Welbeck, saying, “I love playing with him. He has a great touch and he’s a goalscorer. He’s been a great signing.”

Arsenal fans would be hoping that the both combine together even more and score plenty of goals, especially since the defence does not seem likely to improve anytime soon!