The Indian Super League has certainly enamored the Indian population with extravaganza and razzmatazz. The league which features the likes of Alessandro del Piero, Robert Pires, David Trezeguet, David James, Nicolas Anelka and other high profile players, has earned praises even from the European Continent, more-so than Arsene Wenger pointing out and praising this recent initiative. With the league, already dubbed as a success, other high profile players, with footballing pedigree could display their talent, in the Subcontinent, within the coming years.

“Imagine today you have Del Piero, Trezeguet and Robert Pires – who knows, in five or six seasons maybe you can have Wayne Rooney or Robin van Persie playing in India,” said Robert Pires, FC Goa’s talisman and captain.

The Arsenal legend, who retired years ago, thinks of this as a good initiative to bring India into the global footballing map.

“When I retired and finished up two years ago – after eight months with Aston Villa – the Indian Super League organisers called me saying they had a big project.”

“They asked if I was interested and I thought why not. This is the first season for this league so why not try and help India to try and build this Indian Super League together.”

“A lot of people think I’ve come to play here for the money but it’s not only for the money, I have a very good role within this country and with these players.”

Playing in India, has also given Pires, another opportunity to lace up his boots and kick the ball .

““I’ve missed playing football over the last couple of years and playing in India is a great opportunity for me which has also allowed me to discover a new country with new people.”

With FC Goa struggling in their opening encounters, Pires knows that only time will bond the team together, which is masterminded by the Legendary Zico.

““I know I need to give everything for the team – my football, my experience and my passion. That’s what makes it special for me as well as the players, because I am here mainly to help the development of the football here in India which is very important.”

Even at 41, Robert Pires, although has grown by the age, but is still young in his footballing heart.

“To keep playing football you need to have a certain kind of spirit. You need to have heart. If you have heart you can play until you are 40 or 41 years old. It’s not a problem.”

“My passion for the game is still there which is perfectly normal. It’s there every morning of every day,” the Frenchman concluded.