Following Xabi Alonso and Di Maria’s departure from Real Madrid, star winger Cristiano Ronaldo has questioned the club’s transfer policy, stating in clear terms that if he was in charge, he would not have made the same decisions.

Though Real Madrid acquired the services of Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez, questions were asked when Di Maria was allowed to leave the club following a brilliant season with the Los Blancos. Fans and players were even more surprised when Xabi Alonso decided to leave the club and was allowed to join Bayern Munich, considering the fact that Real do not have a replacement for his position.

Though Ronaldo initially refused to voice his opinion, he made it clear that he did not agree with Real Madrid’s summer transfer policy.

“I have a very definite opinion, but I am not always allowed to say what I think. Otherwise, tomorrow I’d be on the front pages of all the papers and I don’t want that.”

“If I were in charge, perhaps I wouldn’t have done it like this. But if the President thinks that the best thing for the team is to sign the players he signed, and let others leave, then his decisions must be respected and supported.”

Ronaldo even went on to say that Real Madrid will have to change their style of football following the summer transfers and that he is not sure if it will lead to better or worse results, dropping a hint that he was not entirely happy with Rodriguez and Kroos.

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“We have to be happy with the newcomers.”

“With the new players, our style is going to change, but it might change for the better or for the worse. Let’s hope it will be for the better because they are top quality players. What usually happens is that they adapt well. Di María and Xabi Alonso were very important to us, but they aren’t here anymore and we have to be happy with the newcomers. I’m sure that things will go well for us”.

Club vice-captain Sergio Ramos was quick to react to Ronaldo’s comments, stating in clear terms that Ronaldo belonged to the club and must abide by the rules. The Spaniard seemed to defend the club colours by stating that one cannot jump to hasty conclusions regarding the summer transfers.

“We may all have our own opinion and that’s fine; I’m not going to start judging Cristiano’s words or any player’s. We belong to a club and we must abide by the rules of that club. My opinion I keep to myself, now is not the time to reach conclusions.”

It now remains to be seen how and if Florentino Perez will react to this situation as Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have directly questioned his authority and decisions as the President of the club.