Spain midfielder Koke has claimed that according to him, Lionel Messi is a better footballer than Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo. The youngster also revealed that he received an offer from FC Barcelona in summer.

The Atletico Madrid youngster Koke is widely recognized as the future of Spanish national team and he said in his interview that although both are great footballers, Messi according to him is a more complete player than Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It´s complicated, the two of them are great footballers. Cristiano Ronaldo is an athlete, and Messi is God – you see him on the pitch and he is spectacular,” Koke said. He was speaking to Spanish newspaper Onda Cero. “It is very difficult to score and I would always want him in my team, as I would with Cristiano Ronaldo, but I think that I would pick Messi.”

Atletico Madrid became the La Liga champions last season and Koke was the key member of Rojiblancos’ squad. And his impressive performances didn’t go unnoticed elsewhere as Catalan giants FC Barcelona were keen to sign him in the summer transfer window. Koke also revealed that Barca tried to sign him but he opted to stay with Atletico Madrid.

“I must be grateful for the interest from Barcelona and other teams, but I am happy because I wanted to be here,” Koke said.

“I have been here all my life and last summer was not the moment to leave – we are winning everything, the club is growing and we are growing as footballers. Why would I want to leave during Atlético Madrid´s finest moment?”

Spain midfielder Koke also admitted his admiration for Xavi Hernández. He said “I hope I can achieve half as much as him. Xavi has been everything in the national team. He has won everything at Barcelona and here. He has been ‘top’. I still have a long way to go, a lot of work to do.

“But in the end, Xavi is going to be Xavi, and Koke is going to be Koke.”

Koke is a member of Spain squad which is going to play against Slovakia tomorrow. Former club-mate of Koke, Diego Costa, is also a part of Spain’s squad and the player said that the striker is eager to score for La Roja.

“He tells me that he wants to score for Spain. So far it hasn´t happened for him, but when he scores the first many more will follow. He´s got goals in him and he fits well with the team. In England he is scoring all the time – it was a good decision for him to go there.”