Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has said that the club will not be spending recklessly in the transfer market, just because they have cash from the Suarez deal.

While there is continuous speculation about how Liverpool would spend the Suarez money, Brendan Rodgers has said that the club would not spend recklessly on ‘star players’ and the signings made so far were the players that were going to be signed anyway.

“They are all big signings for us because they will all make a big contribution,” Rodgers said.

“Maybe for the media there is guessing how we spend the money but you only spend the money if the players are there. What we can’t do is spend for the sake of it. The players we’ve brought in are players we wanted anyway.

“Our signings are strategic. They are not just names. They all fit into the purpose of the team, but of course we want them to make a contribution. If that means we do not spend all the money or the net spend is the same, then so be it.

“There is a responsibility [to spend well]. I have always said at every club I’ve been at, the club’s money is my money. I work for the club. I’m there to serve the club and run it the best I can on the field and work with the owners off it. They know I push for the best players to come in and they trust how we work. I would not pay more than a value. If clubs sense there is an opportunity to get more out of us it won’t happen. We are very unified in how we work in that way.

“There is money available but we know spending money does not guarantee success. Last January everyone was crying out that we needed more signings. We never signed anyone. OK, we might have done one or two but it was not a major factor in us not winning [the title].”

Lallana has been the most expensive signing for the club so far, with the reported sum being £25 million, but the Liverpool boss has rejected the notion that the club spent more than the player’s worth.

“We paid what we thought he was worth. I spoke to enough people about him and have seen enough of him, and know enough people who had seen him and played with him to know he would be a great signing for us. I have no qualms about it. The value of British players is always pushed up. We would not go higher than we thought he was worth.

“He is a great boy. The types of players we bring in have the profile we want so the transition should be smooth. Of course it is strange for them coming into a new team, but you see it with Adam straight away, he presses for the ball when he does not have it and he has beautiful balance. He can score goals and create goals. He is a wonderful footballer. I have been impressed by his mentality and character.

“The character is important. It is not just about the player, but the right type of person. I want players that are committed to the cause to make Liverpool the best we can be. I want players resting when they should be resting, training hard and working hard and focusing on their life as footballers. We have brought in those types. It is footballing qualities and human qualities we want.”

Liverpool have £75m from the Suarez deal and it looks like Rodgers is targeting areas that need work with players he knows can do well for the club, instead of getting carried away and making huge bids for big players. However, even after completing the deals for Loic Remy, Divock Origi and Dejan Lovren, Rodgers will have enough cash to pursue a big name. So it remains to be seen if the club would end up adding a ‘marquee’ name at the end of the transfer window.