Days after questioning the team tactics after Manchester United’s 2-0 defeat at Olympiakos and blaming his teammates for ‘disturbing’ his game, Robin Van Persie has labelled his club as ‘lousy’ in an attempt to describe United’s campaign under manager David Moyes.

The Dutch international was quoted by The Sun saying that United are left in a lousy position after a miserable campaign.

“We are lousy — in a lousy position in the league, out of the cups and this looks a difficult one also.”

These comments come at the back of his post-match complaint that his team-mates were often occupying his position, hence disturbing his style of play. As reported earlier, Robin Van Persie was quoted saying that he has often had to adjust his runs as other players occupy his ‘zone’ on the field.

“Our fellow players are sometimes occupying the spaces I want to play in. And when I see that it makes it difficult for me to come to those spaces as well.”

“So that forces me to adjust my runs, based on the position of my fellow players. And unfortunately, they’re often playing in my zones. I think that’s a shame.”

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His latest comments however seems to indicate a growing discontentment within the Dutch striker. At a time when Manchester United is facing one of its biggest challenges in recent years, Robin Van Persie’s comments reveal his frustration with United’s current predicament as he shockingly took to blaming his team-mates for their performance on the field. It is almost as if the Dutchman was lamenting at the prospect of a barren season.  However admitting that the club was in a ‘lousy’ position might be an attempt to cover-up for his earlier jibe at his team-mates.

However, it seems that Robin Van Persie’s team-mates haven’t taken the criticism lightly after Mexican striker Chicharito took to Instagram to indirectly reply to the Dutch international. Chicharito posted a picture of himself along with Patrice Evra, stating that one cannot achieve success in football without the help of his team-mates.

“Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful.”

Out of the title race a long time back, United were left competing only for the Champions League this season. However a shock defeat at the hands of Olmpiakos seems to presuppose United’s unporductive campaign this year. Moving from Arsenal to United at the beginning of last season in a bid to win trophies, Van Persie’s frustration is understandable given United’s performance this season. He accepted that the season has turned out to be a disappointment and hence question marks have also been raised over the Dutchman’s future.

“We are very disappointed. It’s a tough season. Sometimes we play good but not always.”

The Dutchman has had his fair share of troubles this season after missing a chunk of crucial games due to injuries. However, he has managed to score goals consistently in the games he did play, scoring a total of 11 goals in 16 appearances in the league. However he has often cut a lonely figure on the pitch, often cut off from his team-mates.

Playing a crucial role in United’s campaign last season, where he emerged as the match-winner on more than one occasion, many believe Wayne Rooney’s new five and a half year contract marks a shift in the importance between the two players. Though the Dutchman was clearly the most important player last season, it will be interesting to see how the 30 year old striker fits in Moyes’ long term plans at the club.