Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie has been desperately trying to keep the water under the bridge following his comments on his team-mates after United’s 2-0 loss to Olympiakos.

The Dutch international reportedly apologised to his team-mates during training following his complaint that his team-mates were occupying his ‘zone’ on the field, hence interrupting his runs. The complaint was made following United’s two goal defeat at the hands of Olympiakos on Tuesday. Van Persie later spoke to the Press regarding Manchester United’s current campaign where he mentioned that the club was in a ‘lousy position’.

Things seemed to be at a head-on after fellow striker Chicharito took to Instagram to allegedly remind Robin van Persie to be grateful for his team-mates.

“Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful.”

However the Mexican striker later clarified that his statement had nothing to do with Van Persie’s comment and were allegedly misinterpreted by the media and taken out of context.


Though Chicharito has put an end to the alleged ‘row’ between him and Van Persie, there can be little doubt regarding his actual feelings which were conveyed on Instagram following Van Persie’s complaint. Despite Van Persie’s reported apology and Chicharito’s clarification, it will be unwise to dismiss the fissures that have opened up following the Dutchman’s statements.

Meanwhile Patrice Evra has said that Manchester United are still trying to come to terms with Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement. Talking to a radio station, Evra claims that the players haven’t been able to adapt to Ferguson’s absence at United.

“There was a big change, it must be digested. Nobody likes change. The team played for over 27 years with Alex Ferguson.” – The Manchester United defender said.

Sir Alex Ferguson was in charge of the club from Manchester for more than two decades and is solely responsible to bringing the club to such glorious heights. A fierce competitor, he imbibed the fighting spirit in United, something that has been missing in the current squad. As Manchester United go reeling from one disaster to another, to say that Ferguson is being missed at Old Trafford would be a huge understatement.

However the left back claimed that the players are completely supporting the new manager and will be trying their best to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

“We’re behind the new manager, we will do everything to qualify for the next Champions League.”

Out of the title-race and seemingly on the verge of a shocking exit from Europe, the season might turn out to be completely barren for Evra, who might well be on his way out this summer.

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