Having missed Real Madrid’s last two matches, Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered a serious injury to his left hamstring that will keep him out for the coming weeks.

The Portuguese had hurt his knee and hence was rested for Real’s last two fixtures but the latest medical report has revealed that the star winger has suffered an “injury to the player’s left biceps femoris muscle”. Though the report does not reveal the extent of the damage or how long he will be kept in the sidelines, Marca believes that he will miss the Copa del Rey final which is scheduled for the coming Wednesday.

Though the Galacticos are less likely to miss him in the league fixture on Saturday when they face Almeria at home, his absence in the Cup final against arch-rivals Barcelona will come as a huge blow to Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti is left with very few options following Ronaldo’s injury and reports also suggest that he will miss the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals and will be racing against time to be back for the deciding leg.

Former Real Madrid player Roberto Carlos, who himself suffered a similar injury has warned the Portuguese that he must take of himself if he is to prevent any long-term injury.

“I had the same injury and I had to strengthen my knee with a lot of gym work with massages to reduce the inflammation. It is an injury that needs to be treated with care. If he pushes himself too hard it could become a chronic injury.”

But the Brazillian believes that Ronaldo can carry on playing but will have to be very strict about his fitness regimen if he is to avoid any serious repercussions.

“Personally, 45 minutes prior to training I would warm my leg up, which stopped it hurting and I played as usual. There’s a full preparatory session prior to the warm-up and the game itself, and Madrid has all the tools required to manage the pain”.

It now remains to be seen if Real Madrid can manage to play without their commander who has been the focal point of the squad and its leading goal-scorers in the last few seasons. He has consistently scored in the El Clasicos and his absence will greatly dent Real Madrid’s chances of winning the Cup this season.

Though Ronaldo did miss a few games for Real Madrid earlier this season due to previous injuries and suspensions, the Los Blancos managed to successfully win on each and every occasion. However his absence in a match as important as a Cup final will come as a huge blow for a team that has struggled against most big opponents.

Real Madrid lost both the El Clasicos this season and also lost quite humiliatingly to Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday, a fixture in which the Portuguese played no part due to a knee injury. However as the season draws to a climatic close, Real Madrid are sorely going to miss their leading goal-scorer as they play catch up to Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

With just 6 games left to go, Real will face Almeria on Saturday followed by a visit from Osasuna and Valencia over the next three La Liga fixtures. Real will also be playing their Copa del Rey final and the Champions League semi-finals between these domestic fixtures and hence may be left exposed in such a tightly packed schedule.

Having lost their lead in the La Liga, Real Madrid know very well that they cannot afford to slip up in any of the three tournaments. Another loss to Barcelona in the Copa del Rey finals would be disastrous for their campaign and they cannot avoid another semi-final exit from the Champions League this season.

But will they manage without the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch? Only time will tell.