LA Decima winners Real Madrid handed a partial stadium closure for one match, following the racist remarks occurred in the UEFA Champions League semifinal against Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich.

The most popular sport in the world has been marred by Racism for quite sometime now. A rotten apple can ruin the entire fruit basket, similarly in football, an individual can undo all the good-work. Racism, Sexism, Politics, Homophobia etc are affecting the beautiful game in more than one way and strict actions are the need of the hour to eradicate this cancer.

Recently in a La Liga match between Villareal and Barcelona, a racist had thrown a banana towards Brazilian defender Dani Alves. Barcelona star handled Racism incident admirably, he took a bite of the banana and the world followed his action. There has been numerous racism incidents happening in football, and some of them has adversely affected the beautiful game.

Dani Alves was very critical of the incident and was surprised at the support he got.

“If I could, I would put a photo of the fan on the internet so that he would be shamed. There is racism against foreigners. They [Spain] sell the country as being first world but in certain things they are very backward. I have been surprised by everyone’s support. I did it without thinking. The world has evolved and we must evolve with it.”

Even though Barcelona and Real Madrid are dominant force in the football world, some of the incidents are a real shame for their country. In the UEFA Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, there were racist remarks intended against some of the Bayern Munich players from Real Madrid supporters.

UEFA’s control and disciplinary body took the issue seriously and has handed down sanctions to Real Madrid based on the incidents.

Following the charge of racist behaviour by Real Madrid supporters during the match (Article 14 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations), the Control and Disciplinary Body has ordered the partial closure of the Santiago Bernabéu for one match. More specifically, sectors 120 and 122 of the stadium will be closed for the club’s next UEFA competition [Champions League] home game. Real Madrid are obliged to display a banner with the wording ‘No to Racism’ in those sectors.

The fight against racism is a high priority for UEFA. European football’s governing body has a zero-tolerance policy towards racism and discrimination, both on the pitch and in the stands.

Real Madrid’s UEFA Champions League title will start in a partially closed stadium as a result. This shows that UEFA is very determined to eradicate Racism from football, and the football lovers hopes that it can be achieved over time.