It is a known fact that when Barcelona signed Neymar from Santos last season, their only other serious competitor was Real Madrid. ‘Los Blancos’ did their best to tempt the Brazilian into wearing the famous white kit. Barcelona at that time declared that the cost for bringing the player to Spain was €57.1m but it was later revealed that the Catalan giants had to pay a much higher fee for the signing of the forward. The transfer resulted in the filing of a case against Rosell.

Neymar De Silva Sr., father of Neymar was presented in the Spanish High Court on a Wednesday as a witness to clear the air over his son’s transfer. His testimony lasted for two hours in which he revealed that Real Madrid had offered €150 million to sign Neymar. Neymar Jr however preferred to sign for their long-standing rivals, Barcelona instead, accepting a smaller salary in the process.

Barcelona signed a dozen different contracts to sign the young Brazilian sensation including one that paid a salary of two million euros to Neymar Sr. to act as a scout in Brazil, which led to Barça signing three players. Another one of these contracts included a payment of around 4 million Euros to the firm Neymar and Neymar(N&N) controlled by Neymar Sr., in order to promote Neymar as a Barelona player in Brazil. In court, the player’s father denied the allegations that he had used some of this fee to set up an office in Barcelona.

Neymar Sr. also received five percent of Neymar’s fee, which he defended in the court as that fee was paid for his role as his son’s advisor. Judge Pablo Ruz is investigating alleged tax crimes and misappropriation over the Brazilian’s transfer. The suit was filed by none other than a Barcelona Club member, Jordi Cases, who claimed that former club President Sandro Rossel has pocketed a cool €40 million from the deal. Rossel has stepped down from the post after the suit was filed.

Neymar Sr. also confirmed that he had been paid several million Euros to speed up the process by a few months. Barcelona failed to declare a fee of 40 million euros which was paid to N&N for the signing of Neymar. This aspect of the deal has landed Rossel into trouble as the former President only declared that the signing had cost the club €57 million.